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  1. Mrs Kazakos-Tomczyk4/9/09 9:21 AM Thank you Miss Pettigrew for organising our ski trip. The students obviously had a great time and learnt many new skills. Also a big thank you to our wonderful supportive parent helpers.

  2. Wednesday, August 19 Ski Camp year 7 and 8′s Cardrona, Wanaka
    Well, it was an AWESOME ski week and the students were incredible. The students’ alarms went off at 5.30 am and we were all eating breakfast by 6am. Our aim was to leave the house before 7am and get to the top car park at Cardrona every morning -which we did. In fact, on the Thursday 30th July we were the first 3 cars up there! So we saw a few sunrises together. The students showed great stamina on all days with early starts and two 2 hour lessons – skiing till 4pm. Everyone including beginners got up the chair lift on the first day and by day 3 we took the whole group to an intermediate run called “Captains”-where we played follow the leader down the mountain. Something to be very proud of. Some of our skiers were speedsters with Richard and others were making great progress with Kamari, Steven and Sonia. All the adults were impressed with our students behaviour. They were responsible, really listened to their instructors, alert to what was happening around them and considerate of others in their group. What more can we say but A BIG THANK YOU to all the kids and our WONDERFUL PARENTS who worked really hard on camp.
    Also a BIG THANK YOU to all the parents who helped with fundraising, baking and main meals – those famous lasagnes and chocolate mud cake! Well done to you all and thank you for all your support in getting this camp off the ground. Cheers Sonia Pettigrew

  3. Tuesday, August 11 Swimming Sports 2008! It was the 6th of March 2008 and it was the first sunny day in four years! We were so glad that we could do outside activities!
    We all had a chance to swim different swimming styles against other South Westland schools! At the end the schools had to race different styles in the relays and we got first in every race.
    After the swimming races we all waited for Mrs Homes to add up the points. But after all Franz Josef came 1st, Fox Glacier came 2nd and Whataroa came 3rd!!! But we were still very proud of our swimming!

  4. Penny Farthing Visit One lucky day Whataroa school received an unexpected visit from a group of penny farthings and their riders. The men and women showed us all sorts of cool tricks like no-handers, laid-back, legs over the handle bars and how to stop easily and safely. The whole school enjoyed the visit and were stunned by how easy it looked especially because how high the bikes were and they were awesome to watch.
    We were even able to give it a try!

  5. Athletics On the 8th of April, anxious Whataroa students sat and waited on the long road to Haast. The roads were good, with the thought of getting out and joining in all the fun events waiting for us.
    Piling out of cars and vans, Whataroa students flooded the Haast school grounds. South Westland schools including Franz Josef, Hari Hari, Fox Glacier, Jacob’s River, Haast and Whataroa competed in high jump, long jump, shot put, discus, sprints and long distance running.
    Our school came third overall, but a series of students won best overall for their year. There were many sand flies roaming around, but we didn’t let them ruin a great sunny day at Haast.

  6. A Visit from Todd Blackadder and friends On the 9th of November 2007 Todd Blackadder and 2 of his friends came to our school. His two friends were a MotorX rider and a jet boat racer. They talked to us about good motor bikes to ride and a bit about rugby and jet boat racing. Todd did some morning fitness and rugby ball passing with us. At the end we got all of them to sign what we had and we got a few pictures.

  7. In October 2007 Whataroa school students produced a school play about Mount Everest and the juniors students made up a play about pirates and hidden treasure! The seniors worked hard painting and making backdrops and making lots of cool props. Meanwhile the junior kids were working on their pirate voices and on their sword fighting.

    After practising our acting for 3 months we were finally ready! On the 13 of December 2007 Whataroa school performed the plays in the community hall! All the community (parents, siblings and grandparents) came and watched us perform!
    It went so well that when it was over we were all so proud!