Whataroa School, as appropriate to its community, will develop procedures and practices that reflect New Zealand’s cultural diversity and the unique position of Maori & Pacific cultures.

In recognising the unique position of Maori culture, Whataroa School will take all reasonable steps to provide instruction in tikanga (culture) and te reo Maori (language) for all students.

To achieve this, the school will aim for a Maori Responsiveness Plan:

If a Whanau requests a higher level of Tikanga and/or Te Reo than is at present evident in our school’s Maori programme the staff and family will discuss and explore the following options: -

● Explain the existing programmes

● Extend the existing programmes if & as appropriate

● Explore combining with a neighbouring school for parts of the day / programme

● Investigate enrolment with the VLN network

● Investigate provision of in school support & resources to further enhance inclusion of Te Reo & Tikanga within both classrooms.

● Explore other schools who may offer programmes closer to their expectations

● Other negotiated actions may include programmes for our other identified cultures represented. Eg. parent involvement in literacy programmes and interpretation.

Our key focus themes are:

  • Ako

    • Theme 1 Practice in the classroom

    • Theme 2 Effective Māori cultural learning, pedagogy and curriculum for all learners

  • Whanaungatanga

    • Theme 1 Respect for all perspectives/world views.

    • Theme 2 Whanaungatanga / Whānau engagement with parents, whanau, hapu, learner teacher

  • Tangata Whenuatanga

    • Theme 1 Local stories / Place based learning

    • Theme 2 Te Reo Māori, identity and culture

  • Manaakitanga

    • Theme 1 Values - hospitality, care integrity mana

    • Theme 2 Our School environment

  • Wānanga

    • Theme 1 Student agency and student voice

    • Theme 2 Whānau voice